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The city of Paris France is currently being overrun with its worst rodent problem it has experienced in decades! The New York Times published a story about a month ago detailing the increasing rodent problem Paris is currently facing. In Paris nine parks and other green spaces have been closed by overrun rodent populations. The current rodent populations are so high in Paris that the Champ De Mars park which is where the Eiffel Tower is located requires weekly rodent treatment to say open to the public. In other areas where the rodents have taken over they cannot be closed because they are residential areas in which many Parisians need to be able to access.

The people of Paris France are looking to point the blame for the new rodent boom on someone and many blame the European Union. The New York times reported that new regulations on rodenticides from the European Union have demanded change on how many nations treat for rodents. Dr. Jean-Michel Michaux, a veterinarian and head of the Urban Animals Scientific and Technical Institute in Paris says “Paris has transitioned away from burrow baiting rodents to the use of baits placed in rodent bait stations.” The problem with treating rodents with bait stations in Paris is that the rats rarely use the bait stations, with so much other food available in Paris streets. Paris is greatly in need of some new management practice that can better curb their current rodent problem, otherwise more parks and green areas will continue to be shut down.

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