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The majority of pest control companies in Massachusetts are interested in making a lot of money off mice pest control calls but uninterested in actually solving your pest problem. That is not the case with B & B Pest Control. Unlike most companies who send a technician to your home to put down a handful of traps and leave after 15 minutes, B & B Pest Control does a thorough inspection of your home so that they can show you how the rodents are accessing your home and prevent it from happening in the future. Correct mice pest control service is much more than just baiting your home with industrial chemicals.

The key to B & B Pest Control’s mice pest control service is their exclusion work. We’ll inspect your basement, closets and behind appliances to find rodent access points. Once they’ve been located B & B Pest Control will bait the holes and seal them up to prevent the mice from getting back in.  This is the B & B difference.



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Tips for Rodent Proofing Your Home:

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