Hamilton, MA Pest Control

Hamilton, Massachusetts Pest Control

If you live in Hamilton, MA and have a pest problem at your business or residence then you’ve come to the right place! B & B Pest Control has been servicing Hamilton, MA and the surrounding areas for over 30+ years. Our team of dedicated pest control technicians (with over 100+ years of combined experience) are more than happy to inspect and treat your place at just a moment’s notice.

B & B Pest Control has technicians who live in and around the area of Hamilton.  Having technicians who live in your area gives us an advantage of knowing all about the pests you are having problems with as well as their habits.  With cutting-edge technology and techniques we will combat your pest problems at an affordable low cost to you.  Our technicians are on call and available to answer any questions 24 hours a day!

Call our Hamilton location today at (978) 745-7744 for a free quote or estimate!

B & B Pest Control can help eliminate and prevent the following in Hamilton, MA:







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