A day cannot go by without seeing another dozen or so news reports online about bed bugs that are terrorizing innocent Americans. Insect pests are normally active only in particular regions of the world, but every news release about bed bug infestations describe victims living in vastly different parts of the world. Amazingly, bed bugs can thrive in just about any location that you can reach. Anywhere you can go, bed bugs can go too. People are not even safe from bed bugs on a plane at ten thousand feet in the air. Although bed bugs are remarkably resilient creatures that survive anywhere, public housing residents usually feel safe from bed bugs, as their government surely would not let any harm come to needy citizens. Sadly, this is not the case, as public housing complexes have become infested with bed bugs in the past. However, the most recent bed bug infestation to show up within a public housing complex may be the most widespread infestation that the American government has ever seen in one of their buildings. Sangamon Towers in Springfield has been infested with bed bugs for months, and the infestation is certainly not limited to just one single room. Several residents have been struggling to coexist with the blood-sucking insects in vain, as officials with the Illinois Public Works department cannot seem to eradicate the bed bugs.


Not long ago, a news station named Fox Illinois received a call from a concerned Springfield resident. The resident claimed that the Section Eight housing complex known as Sangamon Towers had been infested with termites. The resident stated that she first noticed the bed bugs during a visit to her relative’s housing unit that is located within the complex. In response to this claim, Fox Illinois proceeded to investigate the matter, at which point they learned that several tenants had been involuntarily living with bed bugs for months. The news station conducted interviews with several distressed tenants. One tenant, a sixty year old woman name Debby Darnell, claimed that she can no longer live with the bed bugs, but she doesn’t know where else to go. Another fed up resident cynically claimed that demolishing the building is the only way to correct the situation. A representative working for the company that maintains the Section Eight complex claimed that a tenant refuse pest control service right at his door. However, the tenant claimed that he merely reschedule his appointment. Hopefully these infestations will be resolved soon without any demolitions.


If you found your loved one living in a bed bug infested apartment due to the management’s neglect would you report the infestation to the press?