Nobody likes cockroaches. Seeing a cockroach skitter across the floor is enough to make some people scream in fright. However, merely spotting a cockroach within your apartment is one thing; having a cockroach nesting within your inner-ear is quite a different matter. Many people could not imagine anything worse than having a cockroach dwell within a body cavity. But how often does that happen? Well, it does happen, as one man tolerated a roach living within his inner ear for three full days. If having a roach living within your ear is not bad enough, the man had to make his situation worse by spraying insecticide into his ear. Obviously, it was the man’s plan to kill the roach that had been residing within his ear. However, he never explained how he planned to remove the roach from his ear.

The man recalled the very moment that a roach had crawled into his ear. The next three days proved to be quite challenging for the man, as he could not remove it. The man had tried using tweezers and toothpicks before becoming frustrated enough to simply spray insecticides into his ear. Just when the man had assumed that his ears were roach free, the roach carcass remained, and his ear became heavily irritated by the chemicals within the insecticide.

Eventually the man forced himself to visit the hospital. The man, likely embarrassed, explained his predicament, and ear injuries to a doctor on staff. It turns out that this man would have been much better off visiting the hospital immediately upon learning that a roach had crawled into his ear because a doctor was able to pull it right out. The roach that was removed from the man’s inner ear was one centimeter in length. A doctor at the hospital claimed that cockroaches look for warm environments at the start of the winter, and sometimes they crawl into peoples’ ears. The doctor recommended flooding an inner ear with oil if it should ever become inhabited by a cockroach.

Have you ever accidentally swallowed an insect? If you have, what type of insect was it?


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