Mosquito Control Peabody Massachusetts

Peabody, Massachusetts Mosquito Control

B & B Pest Control technicians will work with your schedule to obtain the best quality service and mosquito treatment to fit your unique needs. We practice IPM procedures so we will work with you and educate you about taking extra steps to limit mosquito and pest activity.

B & B Pest Control’s approach to treating mosquitoes is to treat high activity areas, those areas where the insects are resting, questing or staying cool. Pesticides will not completely eliminate the pest population on treated property, but will dramatically reduce the numbers. These products are applied to wood lines, lawns, bushes, decks, fences as needed and are effective in mosquito treatment. Effective mosquito control requires treatments every 3 weeks. B & B Pest Control offers green and eco-friendly mosquito options as well.

Call us today to schedule an inspection and consultation in Peabody. Our general sales manager can walk you through our programs and put one together that fits your family’s needs.

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