Peabody, MA Ant Control Services

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Exterior ant services in Peabody, MA start as low as $175 and full protection plans at $225. All services come with a 6 month guarantee! 781-599-4317

In Peabody, MA when it comes to getting rid of ants, there is no better company to call than B & B Pest Control. All of our technicians are expertly trained in locating ant nests and knocking them out during their treatment so you don’t have to see them again. On top of locating and eradicating the ants nest B & B Pest Control also provides an interior and exterior residual treatment, preventing any further nests from blooming.

 B & B Pest Control uses high-powered 25 gallon tank sprayers (unlike the big brand pest control companies) to treat the outside of your property. You can feel safe knowing that no insects are going to ruin your summer.