Norway rats pose a huge threat during an infestation. They are unsanitary animals that will cause damage inside the home, and they have the capacity to spread diseases. But just how much of a threat are these rodents?

Rats as disease spreaders

It’s amazing how many diseases rats can spread and how differently they can spread them. As a rough estimate, they have been shown to spread over two dozen pathogens, and that’s without counting the diseases that are spread by the parasites that often accompany rats.

Not only that, but they have several ways in which they can spread diseases, including through their urine and feces, through direct contact and through their bite. As they travel around the home, they touch many surfaces, and they will likely come into contact with food, so it’s very important to deal with a rat infestation as soon as possible.

The damage rats can do to a home

Norway rats don’t only pose a threat to the people inside a building, they pose a serious threat to the building itself. They can cause minor damage by stripping insulation from the wall, which can lead to higher energy costs, but the true threat becomes apparent when rats chew on electrical wiring. Not only can this lead to rats dying and decomposing inside the walls, it can also lead to electrical fire hazards and damage to the electrical system.

Getting rid of a Norway rat infestation

When trying to remove a  Norway rat infestation it’s important to remove it completely, and kill every single rat in the home. If this is not achieved, the rats will simply repopulate and reinfest the building.

For this purpose it’s best if you go with professional help. Pest control pros will first perform an inspection before implementing any control methods, and will then use either traps or poisons to deal with the infestation, depending on its size. The inspection procedure will also reveal the main areas of activity for the rats, and instruct trap or poison placement.

Once the infestation has been removed, the pro can also help with cleaning up the dead rats and their nests, and implementing preventive measures. For more information about the threats posed by the Norway rat, or if you have a rat infestation in your home that has to be removed, contact us today and we will gladly help you out.