Seeing a dead mouse anywhere in the home is a bad omen. First, the dead mouse is a biohazard in and of itself, but more importantly, it signals that there is very likely a large infestation in the home. In this article, we’re going to cover what you have to do if you spot a dead mouse and how to deal with dead mice in general.

Finding a dead mouse out in the open

There are several reasons for why you came across a dead mouse in your home. To start, one might have died of old age. Since mice live for up to 3 years under ideal conditions, this could indicate that there is a long-term mouse infestation in the building, or that simply an older mouse entered the home and died there.

Another reason might be that you’ve laid out poisons and the mouse has died somewhere out in the open. This is an ideal scenario because it makes cleaning up the dead body much easier than if the mouse had died in a hard to reach area.

In any case, a dead mouse can carry dangerous pathogens, so it should not be handled without protective gear. After the mouse has been disposed of, the area where you’ve found the body will have to be sanitized and disinfected.

Dealing with dead mice after a control effort

Poisons are a great way to deal with a house mouse infestation, but they come with one major drawback – you have no control over where the mice die. Some mice might die out in the open as they travel across the room, others may die behind furniture or appliances, and others still may die inside the wall. This makes the cleanup process quite difficult, since you do not know how many mice have died or where they have died.

Leaving it up to the pros

Some pest control companies will offer both control and post-control cleanup services if poisons are used, and this can make the whole procedure a lot less of a headache for the homeowner. So if you are squeamish about dead mice, or if you do not want to go through the process of turning your place upside down looking for them, you can hire a pro for the job.

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