There are two ways to deal with a Norway rat infestation – one is through prevention and the other is through control. Prevention is obviously preferable, but it is not 100% effective, which is why we have strong control options as well. Let’s take a look at the methods that can be used to prevent or control a Norway rat infestation.

Prevention methods

Norway rat damage can be prevented through several methods. To start, you can try to stop rats from entering the home. This can be done in two ways – rat-proofing the exterior of the home, and ensuring that all food is safely stored in sealed containers. To rat-proof the exterior of the home, you will have to look for cracks and gaps in the walls that are large enough for a rat to fit through. These holes will need to be sealed if you are going to stop rat infestations from happening. You then want to make sure that the rats do not have access to any food sources. All food in the home, including pet food, should be kept in sealed containers which cannot be reached, and preferably smelled by rats.

Some control options can also be used for preventive purposes. For example, if you have fruit trees on your property, you can lay rat traps around them to keep them protected. Similarly, you can lay rat traps around the home, as an extra deterrent against infestation.

Control options

When it comes to control, there are two main options – traps and poisons. Each one of these options comes with their pros and cons. For example, traps are great because they are easy to clean up, but they are ineffective against large infestations, while poisons are effective against large numbers of rats, but they will leave dead rats everywhere, including in hard to reach areas such as inside the walls. Finding the right method for the job is essential to the control process, and a pro will perform an inspection to decide which method is the best to use in each scenario. This is why it’s important to work with a pro when you have a Norway rat infestation. We provide rat control services, and we can help you out with any extra information that you need. Contact us today and we can set up an appointment ASAP.