Whether it’s the 4-legged kind, or ones with multiple legs and tentacles, pests are never a good news story. Boston’s pest control specialists routinely deal with calls about pest infestations in homes and businesses. Typically, though, these calls come in after the pests have made themselves “comfortable” in residences and office buildings. Being proactive, and giving the specialists at B&B Pest Control a call before pests entrench themselves, is a good idea. But active pest prevention might be an even better idea. Read on to learn how.

A Real Challenge: Boston’s rat problem

According to recent news reports, city leaders have acknowledged that Boston has a real rat problem – a big one. All city agencies have been asked to redouble their efforts to eradicate the issue ASAP.  Unfortunately, once rats and mice are seen scurrying around – even in broad day light! – it’s likely that the rat attack is well underway. And another reality check is that pest control in Boston homes and commercial properties is now overdue. Without professional intervention, the problem could get worse.

So, how big an issue is it if Bostonians don’t tackle these unwanted pests head on? Well, if not dealt with quickly and effectively, it could blow into a very serious crisis…with catastrophic consequences:

  • Rats, and their mice cousins, breed rapidly
  • They carry deadly diseases, and bring those illnesses into human habitats
  • They’ll chew through home and office infrastructure (cabling, walls, furniture) and cause thousands of dollars of damage
  • Sensitive records, like files, newspapers, books, photographs, are chewed through and destroyed

The professionals at B&B Pest Control know that, although DIY pest control measures may be tempting to implement – they aren’t always effective. Once rats and mice are inside a property, or free-roaming in streets and back alleys, you’ll likely need more than just a few baiting stations and traps. Professionals know that the problem must be dealt with at its source, and that often means tracking sources of entry, and eliminating “hospitable” conditions – both inside and outside.

Doing Your Part 

To address Boston’s rat problem, municipalities and local authorities are doing their part: They are now collecting garbage, from infected areas, multiple times a week. However, as important as those measures might be, home and business owners can do more:

  • Make sure that, on garbage days, don’t put yours out days before the schedule
  • Ensure your garbage is secure and, ideally, placed in closed bins and not in loose bags
  • Tidy-up inside and around your property, clearing dirt and piles of debris frequently
  • Don’t leave litter outdoors – e.g., after a kid’s birthday party
  • Make sure all potential entry points – holes in walls, loose shingles on your roof – are sealed

These are measures that residents can take to supplement efforts for pest control in Boston that city managers are taking. However, despite these efforts, if you see any pests – from rats and mice, to roaches, ants, termites and centipedes – in or around your property, it’s wise not to wait or try DIY measures to eliminate the threat. Call B&B Pest Control for professional help.