04Winter is hard on everyone, especially pests. As the cold season draws near, many species will start looking for shelter, water and food in order to survive. This will often send them straight into people’s homes, where they settle, nest, start a colony and reproduce. The most common of these winter invaders include rats, mice, spiders and stink bugs, and in this article, we’re going to cover each of them.


Rats are a rodent species which are not only carriers of disease, they are also known to damage property by building nests inside walls and chewing through electrical wires and insulation. They are never a pleasant sight, and if you suspect that you have a rat infestation, it’s best to call an exterminator right away.


Smaller than rats, mice are amazing contortionists, being able to squeeze through holes as small as a quarter of an inch. They can reproduce very quickly, and once mice start nesting in your home, it only takes a few months before the house is overrun. They are also destructive, causing property damage by chewing on wires, insulation, and wood including wooden furniture. On top of that, they are a health hazard, spreading disease through their feces, urine and their bites.


Spiders can sometimes be seen as beneficial, because they rid the home of other pests. However, most people find them either creepy, frightening, or disgusting. Most spiders are nuisance pests, but certain species can be dangerous with bites that can send you to the hospital.

Stink bugs

Stink bugs are also nuisance pests, in that they do not transmit diseases or cause property damage. However, they are unsightly and disgusting. When crushed, these pests will release a nasty odor in the home. They may also stain curtains, walls and invade in large numbers.

How to prevent pests from invading your home during the winter

There are ways in which you can prevent these pests from invading your home during the winter. To start, you want to keep all cracks and holes on the exterior of the walls sealed. Make sure that your windows are screened, and that you keep any storage items and boxes off the floor. Clutter can give rats and mice more places to hide. If you have shrubbery and branches near the home, make sure to trim them regularly, and if you have any firewood stacks, keep them 20 feet or more away from your home. If possible, keeping them five feet above ground would be even better.

If you still notice an infestation despite your best efforts, it might be best to call a professional pest control service. A specialist will have the right tools and experience to get rid of even the worst infestation, and in the case of mice and rats, it’s important to find and remove their nests early. If you would like to find more information about our pest removal services, contact us today.