Cats are very proficient predators. They may be cute lounging around the home, but when it comes to capturing small animals and birds, they are second to none. This is also true when it comes to rats and other rodents. But does having a cat keep rats out of your home for good? Let’s find out.

How cats lower the odds of a rat infestation

Cats are excellent rodent hunters, and they have been for millenia. Over countless generations, rats have learned to fear cats, to the point where the simple smell of a cat terrifies them. Studies have shown that as soon as a rat senses the smell of a cat, it will turn around and run in the opposite direction. So if you have a cat lounging around in the home, even if it is the laziest cat that “wouldn’t hurt a mouse,” it will still be an effective deterrent against rodent infestations.

Can cats remove an existing infestation?

Unfortunately, getting a cat will not really remove an infestation altogether. It might make the lives of the rats in the home much more difficult, but it will not drive them out completely, and the cat will not be able to destroy the whole infestation, especially if the rats have reached a decent population.

To control a rat infestation, you will have to go with the tried and tested methods of trapping and using poisons. However, you have to be careful, since your cat may become trapped or ingest the poisons that you lay out for the rats.

Hiring a pro to deal with the infestation

While cats may not be the best control method to use against rats, you can call over a pro to make sure that an infestation is removed effectively. DIY efforts tend to fall short when dealing with rats, since rats have numerous behaviors that help them survive control efforts, behaviors such as avoiding new objects in their environment, or nibbling on small quantities of food to check if they’re poisoned. With the help of a pro, you do not have to go through a lengthy trial and error process to figure out how to remove the infestation. A pro will have the experience needed to know how to get rid of the rats quickly. Contact us today if you have a Norway rat infestation, and we will set up a pest control appointment.