Silverfish will infest homes across nearly every continent. They are six-legged insects with a shiny shell that are drawn to basements, sinks, kitchens, and bathrooms. You will usually notice them wriggling around when you turn the light on.

Silverfish and the bathroom

Most silverfish are spotted in the bathroom. This is because the bathroom is usually the room with the highest humidity inside the home. Humidity is essential for silverfish – they die without it. They need an environment to have 75% to 97% relative humidity and a temperature of 72 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit to survive, thrive and reproduce. In nature, these conditions are found behind decaying chunks of tree bark, in molding leaves and under rocks.

The causes behind a silverfish infestation

While silverfish will go to the bathroom because of the high humidity levels that they can find there, the main reason that they enter the home is because the home is filled with their favorite food sources. Silverfish mainly feed on molecules that are known as polysaccharides, and these molecules are found in starches, cellulose, wallpapers, books, and other plant materials. They can also survive quite well on materials such as leather, cotton and rayon. The bathroom also has a lot of hair and skin flakes, along with laundry, shower curtains, and other objects that can be considered food sources. On top of that, silverfish can live for up to a year without food, and they have been known to hunt other insects for food.

How do you deal with a silverfish infestation

Silverfish are not only creepy to have around the home, they can also cause a lot of damage to various objects. The best way to deal with them if they infest your home, is to call over a pest control professional, who will root out the infestation and destroy all the silverfish that are in the building. This will keep your clothing and other textile or paper materials safe, and will ensure that you no longer have to be startled by these creepy crawlers. A pest control pro may also advise you on the methods you can take to prevent future silverfish infestations from happening. Contact us today if you have a silverfish infestation or if you have any questions about silverfish control methods, and we will set up an appointment or give you all the info you need.