Using poisons to control norway rat infestations does have its perks, but it can also be a huge hassle. Not only are most rat poisons dangerous to humans and pets, the poisoned rats may also die in hard to reach areas, where they will start to decompose and create a whole new world of problems. This leaves homeowners looking for alternatives. In this article, we’re going to go over the options you have to get rid of rats without using poisons.

Other animals

Rats have many natural predators, and two of these predators can help you protect your property. The first is the trusty cat. Rats are so terrified of cats, that the mere presence of their scent will send the rodents running in the opposite direction. Of course, cats also help out by hunting the rats. While not 100% effective at preventing or controlling infestations, cats are a good deterrent to have on top of other preventive measures. The second animal is the owl. You can create a birdhouse that is large enough for owls and place it on a tree or pole at around eight to ten feet up in the air. Owls are very effective at keeping rats out of a yard.


Traps have always been the alternative to using poisons. While not as capable as killing off a large infestation quickly, traps are still very effective at dealing with a rat infestation. On top of that, traps will catch the rat and make it much easier to dispose of the body, and a lot of them are reusable.

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are very useful against rat burrows that are set up outdoors. If you see an area where you have loose soil with a hole in it, you can smoke bomb the rats out of it, and they are likely to never return to the area if they survive. However, you have to be careful and not use smoke bombs near trees, porches or any other flammable structures.

Calling a pest control pro

A pest control pro will be able to remove a rat infestation quickly, and ensure that no dead rats are left behind. Sometimes a rat infestation gets out of hand, and conventional methods will no longer be effective at removing it. If you would like to know more about the pest control process or to set up an appointment, contact us today and we will help you out.