Having mice in the home is bad enough, but will they bother you when you sleep? It’s quite a disturbing thought, second only to having spiders crawl on you at night. The bad news is that it’s actually possible for a mouse to travel onto your bed when you’re sleeping. The good news? Let’s find out.

Mice in the bedroom

Mice will set up in areas that meet a few criteria. To start, the area must have a suitable nesting location, and for this, it needs to be warm, dark and hidden. Sometimes, these conditions are met in the kitchen or the living room, and at other times, they are met in the bedroom. The room also has to be close to food sources. If your kitchen and bedroom are too far apart, the mouse will look for something that is closer to the kitchen. As far as mice are concerned, the less time they have to spend out of the nest looking for food, the higher their chances of survival.

If they have set up in the bedroom, the next question to ask is: can mice climb on beds? The answer is yes. Not only can mice leap up to one foot in the air, they are also excellent climbers. All a mouse needs is a rough enough surface so that it can grab onto it and it will be able to make its way up.

So why would a mouse climb the bed? Mice are very afraid of humans, and they know instinctively to stay away from us if they want to survive. However, if you are sleeping, and there are food crumbs or scraps on the bed, the mouse might risk it and climb on the bed to nibble on some food.

What to do if you have mice in the bedroom?

The best permanent solution to this issue is to have the mice removed from the home. For this, you can try to tackle the problem yourself with traps and poisons, or you can call over a pest control pro who will be able to remove all the mice in the home quickly and effectively. The choice is up to you, but if you go with the DIY route and you are not able to remove the entire infestation, get in touch with us and we will send one of our team members over to help you out.