So you have a house mouse infestation, you’ve set up a few traps, and you managed to catch one or more mice. Job done, right? Well, what if there are still more mice scurrying around? How can you tell when you’ve completely removed a mouse infestation? In this article, we’re going to go over the signs that tell if you’ve managed to completely control a house mouse infestation or not.

There’s a mouse in my home but no droppings

Mice’s survival depends on their ability to avoid predators, and as such, they are mostly active at night, and they prefer to be in darkness whenever they travel. When you spot a mouse in the home, but you have not seen any droppings it can mean one of several things. First, you may have a fresh infestation. A mouse just moved in. Alternatively, you have a larger infestation, but the mice are leaving their droppings in the walls, or in areas that are hard to spot. If you want to investigate and find out whether the mice are leaving droppings somewhere inside the home, a good place to start searching is the kitchen. Mice are very active in this room, because this is where the food is, and you will usually find droppings either behind the fridge or behind cabinets. The amount and size of the droppings can tell you a lot. If there is a large quantity of mice feces, that means that either one mouse has been around for a very long time, or that there are multiple mice in the home. In terms of size, larger droppings indicated larger mice.

How mice travel

The house mouse will be outdoors when the weather is right and it can find food and water. However, as soon as the weather starts to cool and the food sources diminish, the mouse will start looking for shelter. That is when it will enter our homes. There are many entry points from the perspective of a mouse, and buildings are generally not built with mouse-proofing in mind. The mice will find a crack, gap, or opening through which they can enter, as they are excellent climbers and diggers. Once inside the home, they will stick to small crevices, and when travelling, they will stay near walls and in the dark as much as possible. As such, seeing a mouse in the home is very hard. Even if you place traps and you start removing mice, they will start to adapt and avoid known trap baits and locations. The best way to make sure that you get rid of all of them is to call a pest control specialist. Contact us today if you have mouse problems.