Do mosquitoes like you? With all the virus carried by the mosquito, this is probably something which you don’t want. Mosquitoes do have a choice, and you are already aware you were the only person getting eaten alive at the outdoor party.

But what makes one person more attractive to mosquitoes than another?

Let’s find out!

Mosquitoes have many ways to find you:

You will be more susceptible to getting eaten alive by mosquitoes if you meet the following criteria:

What you wear:

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain clothes, no matter dressed in something old and frumpy. Mosquitoes have exceptionally poor eyesight, drawn to the brightness of the color. They will use silhouettes to target. They will be able to find you promptly if you are wearing dark clothes.

How you smell:

Mosquitoes will love you if you are sweating. For them, a sweaty human must seem like delicious couch potatoes. Heavy exercise increases the buildup of lactic acid and heat in your body, making it easier for the mosquitoes to find.

Mosquitoes are attracted to your gross feet, socks, or skin-odor. These creatures love moisture. They are even attracted to floral scents, perfumes, and moisturizing lotions.

What you eat:

Eating and drinking habits attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will take notice if you are drinking alcohol. The Japanese researchers found in a study that mosquitoes were more attractive to the person who consumed beer. The mosquitoes are attracted to the increase in body temperature due to the consumption of alcohol.

Your body temperature:

Mosquitoes will be drawn to you if you are generating heat. These creatures feed on the blood. They have eyes that can be able to pick up thermal sensory information. Mosquitoes will target you if you are hotter than the person sitting next to you. Pregnant women in the later stages attract mosquitoes due to chemical production.

How you breathe:

Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon dioxide. Some people also emit chemicals while breathing. These chemicals may also attract you to choose you.

Your genetics and blood type:

Blood type and genetics may play a vital role in attracting mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes survive on nectar. Female mosquitoes rely on the blood for the production of eggs. According to the study, mosquitoes will be more interested in you if you have Type O blood.

Lively Skin:

Mosquitoes are attracted to the type and amount of bacteria on one’s skin. Dermal teeming of microscopic life mixed with our sweat creates a distinct fragrance. That is the reason why some mosquitoes attract ankles and feet.

Final Words

These biting creatures are dangerous. Mosquito-borne viruses still take lives which is worse than death. Take your time to learn ways to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes, how to prevent bites, and how to remove attractants from your yard. We can protect ourselves, our communities, and our country from this threat. You can take the help of professional pest control services and get rid of these biting pests.