If you have never encountered pests anywhere, count yourself among the lucky few. But if you are like every people you have fought your fair share of battles against this annoying pest. Ants can be a nuisance to the house as these uninvited guests bring along many unwanted pests. Here are six ways to ensure ants stay at bay!

Homeowners can follow these simple steps to reduce the chances of unintentionally inviting ants into your home.

Let’s dive in!

Spick and Span

Keeping your house and surrounding clean at all times gives you an edge when it comes to ants. Remember, the reason why ants are invading your house is that they find food to feast on quite easily. Therefore, if you regularly keep your house clean, ants won’t find your dwelling appealing and would simply spare you.

A few tips to begin with:

  • Wash dirty utensils as soon as possible and avoid keeping them overnight.
  • Seal all food items in ant-proof air tight containers, preferably glass. Avoid leaving food in the open as well.
  • Vacuum regularly.

Block sensitive areas

Look around your house and search for areas that could be vulnerable and favorable for the ants. Sealing cracks in the walls, window frames with caulk could potentially save you from future invasions. Considering ants like moisture ants who typically feed on moist surfaces, you might definitely want to schedule regular plumber visits to check for any leakages.

Search for Ant colonies

Work on the root of the problem by searching for ant colonies. If even after a zillion efforts, you still find ants around, it’s best to search for the ant colony and destroy it.

Throw away rotting wood

Many Ants love to feast on rotting wood. Ant species like moisture ants and carpenter ants will happily cherish the rotting wood in your yard and will soon pave their way in your house. Areas such as the garden shed, planter boxes and the porch should be regularly inspected.

Eradicate their Trails

An ant can’t talk, but they communicate with each other by following an organized trail. In other words, they communicate through pheromones and follow the herd mentality like sheep. If these trails are interrupted it would create utter chaos for the ants. Surface cleaners, disinfectants work perfectly fine and can help you eradicate their trails by causing a disconnect.

Spray them away

One of the easiest, yet the most effective ways to chase ants away is to simply use an insect repellant. But in order to successfully accomplish your desired result, you need to strategically spray over sensitive areas. For instance, spraying around the perimeter of your house which includes doors and windows is a good start.

Final Words

There’s no need to eradicate ants as they have their place in this world. You may be able to live in peace with these fascinating but occasionally irritating insects if you can keep them from coming inside. Hiring a pest control company is the best way to control ants.