It is a strange situation where you try everything to identify the foul smell, and you find that the odor is of the poor decayed mouse in your house. It is the situation where you want to get rid of that mouse, and you’ll never forget the smell.

You cannot deny the fact that finding and getting rid of the mouse is difficult, especially when the poor rodent has met its end in some nook or corner of your house. Accept the fact that dead mice carry diseases that are hazardous for you and your family. When the mouse dies, ants and other insects start feeding on the decayed mouse. These ants and insects spread diseases throughout the house.

So, how do we get rid of this nasty odor?

Let’s find out!

Find and Remove Immediately:

If you find a dead mouse in your house, the first thing you should do is throw away the dead mouse. You can wait for nature where the deceased will vanish automatically. Unfortunately, it is the worst idea.

The mouse body will decompose for about 10 to 12 weeks, and you need to bear with the awful smell plus be careful with the diseases carried by the rodents.

Once you have removed the dead mouse, you can remove the smell and prevent the rodents from coming back to your house.

First Clean:

The first thing is to thoroughly clean your house, whether you are dealing with one mouse or full mice infestation. Every nook and corner, storage area, room, and cupboard should not be left untouched.

And yes, remember to wear gloves and eye protection to be safe. Throw away any mouse droppings, old traps, and debris if you find them.

How to get rid of the dead mouse odor:

Here is the list of the most-effective ways to get rid of the dead mouse odor.

Use antimicrobial agent:

The antimicrobial agent will kill many microorganisms that have spread over the decayed mouse. It destroys the microbes at the cellular level and hinders metabolic functions.

Use disinfectant:

The disinfectant will kill viruses and microbes. It will also eradicate germs and pathogenic odors.

It reduces the level of microorganisms.

It will highly inhibit bacterial growth and prevent fungal growth.

Gasping for Air:

Air out your home to get rid of the smell of a decomposing mouse. Invest in air fresheners and set up a few standing fans to remove the decaying mouse smell.

These were some ways to bring a pleasant smell back to your house.

Wrapping up:

Of course, if you are dealing with a mouse infestation, you need to call expert pest control professionals to remove those pesky rodents. The experts will try to find the access points through which the mouse can enter your home. They will seal the entry points because the mouse can squeeze their bodies and can enter through tiny holes.

The expert pest control professionals will eradicate the awful smell.

Stop the mouse from entering and living comfortably in your home and prevent them from decomposing and smelling up your home.