Ants are the most prevalent and nuisance pests in the U.S. We have all seen black and red ant infestations at some point in time. But are they both the same? We are associate red ants with painful stings, danger, and black ants are the harmless ones. But apart from colors and our fear, what other things do we know about red ants and black ants?

Keep scrolling to find out the difference between red ants and black ants so that you deal with them the right way.

Let’s dive in.


The most crucial influence that differentiates black from red ants is the climate. Red ants love the outdoors, while black ants prefer indoors. Therefore, black ants are found mostly inside our homes because they view the house as a food source. The outdoor lovers, red ant colonies can be found outside your house and in outdoor spaces such as yard and fields. The mound of red ants is about 18 inches high and 2 feet wide, making it easy to spot red ant colonies.


The next major and obvious difference between red ants and black ants is their appearance. No, we don’t mean their body color. Black ants can be found in a variety of sizes, such as the carpenter ant, which is surprisingly large and is often found with wings and the tiniest ants are also black ants. Red ants also are usually bigger than black ants, such as fire ants.


While red ants may not pose any risk to your home, they are more aggressive than black ants, and things may get ugly if you are dealing with fire ants whose stings can leave you with intense burning pain and rashes as they inject a toxin with their stings. Black ants, on the other hand, may not be aggressive but are an extreme nuisance. Some black ant-species like the carpenter ants can cause property damage. Moreover, black ants are extremely difficult to eliminate, which increases the risk of damage.

Where are these ants found?

Irrespective of the color of the ant, they have a nest. That said, ant colonies are not easy to locate. It can be really big and still out of your view. Only trained eyes can spot an ant nest. While some black ant species prefer moist and damp areas, other ants prefer areas with high moisture, such as kitchens. Red ants like Pharaoh’s ant feeds indoors and can be found anywhere, even behind the newspapers stack.

Wrapping Up

Ants in your home, irrespective of their color or species, can be a frustrating experience. Whether you have a black ant infestation in your home or a red ant colony in your backyard, it’s essential to eliminate them at the earliest. This is why you should hire experienced pest control professionals who can deal with any type of ants and pests so that you can live in your home pest-free.