Ants are one of the most successful pests in sneaking into every place they see, starting from the kitchen, basement, bathroom, and car.

Wait, what? Car?

Yes! Ants can invade your car. They are not just a threat to your home, but now they can get into your car, and if the infestation gets severe, it becomes very difficult to get them out.

So, if you;

  • are a car owner,
  • notice ants crawling around your car,
  • and are looking for simple steps to get rid of ants from your car.

Then keep scrolling. We are about to learn and unlearn some tips that can keep ants away from your vehicle for good.

Why Ants Love Your Car?

Ants do not know about the model of your car. They love your car for other reasons. The first and primary reason the ants choose to move into your vehicle is food! They are constantly hunting for food to feed their colonies and save them for a rainy day.

So, either the worker ants are searching your car for food, or you may have invited them unintentionally if you have food in your vehicle. If the ants discover a food source in your car, they will get into your car to bring the food back to their colony.

Irrespective of the reason, once ants make their way inside your car, removing them becomes very difficult, and removing the food source may not work.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Car? 

  1. Move your car.If you have parked your car under a tree or next to an anthill, move it immediately. The location where your car is parked may bring ants into your vehicle. If they found a food source, things may get complicated. So, before it is too late, more parking spots.
  2. Clean Up the Food: As well all know the reason and may camp in your car. Therefore, get rid of all food items from your car that may attract ants. Clean the food crumbs from the floor or seats. Also, throw all the old drink bottles, fast food containers, and candy bar wrappers away. Any crumbs left behind may lead to an ant infestation.
  3. Vacuum Your Car: Once all the food sources are removed from your car, use a car vacuum to remove the smallest food particles or crumbs that may bring ants to your vehicle. Clear out the nooks and crannies of your vehicle using a handheld car vacuum cleaner. Clean the floor mats, seats, dashboard, and crevices to remove any food sources or hiding places for ants.
  4. Treat Your Tires: Ants often access your car by climbing the tires as it touches the ground. You cannot remove tires to stop ants, but you can treat the car tires with a pesticide, which may deter the ants and reduce the chance of future infestations. If you are not a fan of pesticides, move your car parking spot.
  5. Place Ant Traps: The final touch is to place ant traps under the seats of your vehicle, which will deter and capture ants and prevent any further ant infestation because of their odor and chemical content. This is the best alternative to pesticides.

Final Words

Ants or any pests in your car can be very frustrating, especially if they are not ready to leave your car. Fortunately, getting rid of ants is easy by following these above-mentioned steps. That said, some ant infestations can take a serious turn and may become stubborn. In such cases, you can contact a pest control professional to save the hassle of ant elimination. The professionals know how to eliminate ants from every corner to ensure that your car is ant-free.