Pests are a serious threat to the environment, plants, animals, and humans. Ranging from termites to cockroaches, pests have adverse impacts on all living organisms, food supply, and the environment.

So, you have tried all manner of pest control methods without success? Read on to learn more about the top 4 pest control methods you can adopt in your next pest control exercise.

Different Types of Pest Control Methods

There are numerous pest control methods you can adopt today. Different pest control techniques have varying efficiency levels. The efficiency of these methods depends on their practical use. If you understand what method works best for a particular pest or condition, you will effectively deal with the stubborn pests.

Are you still not sure how to get rid of stubborn pests in your home? Here are the 5 top pest control methods:

1.      Organic Pest Control

Let’s face it – pests are harmful, but some of the pest control chemicals can cause even more danger to the environment and other living things. Natural pest control methods are most preferred where the risk of causing harm to animals and plants is high.

Organic pest control methods include the use of baits and traps. Biodegradable compounds such as sodium fluoroacetate are used on the baits to kill the pests. This method is effective and most useful in challenging territories.

2.      Hygiene Control Method

Hygiene control is the single most common method of keeping pests away. If you keep your home clean, it implies that the pests will have no food to eat and reproduce. Make it a habit to keep your office and home spaces clean.

After meals, clean up and put all the food residue and leftovers in the bin and secure it with a wrap or lid. In case you have any food in the house, keep it in air-tight containers to prevent any pests from gaining access. Ensure that all the dishes are washed and dried after use, and keep the cabinets, floors, and cupboards clean at all times.

  1. Use of Chemical Pesticides

Numerous chemical pesticides are available that you can use to keep pests away from farms, stores, offices, and homes. However, most of these chemicals are hazardous, thus can contaminate water, food, air, and land. Additionally, some of the pesticides are even dangerous to the people and other living organisms around.

You can get chemical pesticides for pest control in different forms – aerosol, liquid, and solid. Often, such chemicals are categorized based on the target pest. For instance, if you want to kill insects, you will go for insecticides and herbicides for plants. Ensure that you read and understand the information provided on the label before using any chemical pesticide.

  1. Biological Pest Control Method

If you operate a greenhouse, this is the best pest control method, although it can be applicable outdoors. This pest control method works by introducing the pests’ natural enemies like pathogens, parasites, and predators to interfere with the pests’ geographical capacity to breed.

When you bring in insects that feed on the pests’ larvae, you prevent the pests from reproducing further. This biological method of pest control is safe, but you will need to use the right species and maintain the required conditions for the process to be successful.

What Should You Expect from a Professional Pest Control Service?

It takes the right information and knowledge to control specific pests. A pest control expert can easily identify the types of pests in your home, their lifestyle, breeding grounds, feeding habits, and potential threat. Such individuals know what methods work best for different types of pests so, they are best suited to help you eliminate pests and prevent further infestation.


Preventing or eliminating pests from your home, office, farm, or any other place where you don’t want them can be a daunting task. While there are numerous pest control methods, it can be challenging to determine the most appropriate one for your case. Given that some pest control techniques can be environmentally harmful, you should engage a pest control expert to help you!