Everybody has found a cockroach within their home at some point, and some people are confronted with roaches within their home on a regular basis. If you have to kill roaches regularly, then there is probably a particular method of killing that you have come to prefer. For example, sucking roaches into a vacuum cleaner is one of the most common pest eradication methods employed by people who refuse to contact a pest control professional. Other people find satisfaction in simply squishing roaches with their foot. However, some people have gone above and beyond in their effort to rid cockroaches from their home. In fact, people have even gone as far as to place spiders and lizards within their home as an easy method of pest management. In the end, most people make the choice to call a pest control operator.

A man living in New York City became frustrated with the persistent cockroach infestation within his apartment after bug sprays, sticky traps and bug bombs failed to work. In a last ditch effort to evict his unwelcome six-legged roommates, this man set several geckos loose within his apartment. With the exception of one gecko that remained hidden beneath his microwave, the cockroaches disappeared for a period of time, but so did the geckos. This man moved out of the apartment shortly afterward, which means that the next tenants may have been greeted by both cockroaches and lizards. Some people have even taken to releasing banana spiders within their home in order to have them kill unwanted cockroaches, but this rarely results in cockroach eradication, and it almost always results in an infestation of both roaches and banana spiders.

Philip Koehler, an entomologist at the University of Florida, recounted his memory of an acquaintance who poured boiling water behind all of his cabinets and appliances in an effort to kill the cockroaches that had been infesting his home. While this man did manage to kill numerous roaches, each one of his appliances shorted out. Several years ago, pest control researchers synthesized a sex pheromone released by female cockroaches. This pheromone may soon be used as a bait for attracting male cockroaches to a poison that can be transmitted to other cockroaches. This bait system may revolutionize the way cockroaches are eradicated from homes.

Have you ever employed a less than intelligent way of killing insects within your home?