Here at B&B we are all about protecting our customers from unwanted pests, that is why we have made this list of 6 Easy Pest Prevention Tips. Use these 6 tips to better protect your home or business from pests this year. Don’t forget if you have any pest problems in the greater Boston area and want fast reliable service contact B&B Pest Control today!

  1. Inspect your roof for leaks – It’s also a good idea to check to make sure your drainage pipes like gutters and downspouts are not blocked and able to drain the water away from your home.
  2. Remove all Standing Water – This is essential if pests have a constant water source to survive on its no telling how long they will be around. Many pest species like mosquitoes also breed in water so remove all non-essential standing water from your property.
  3. Yard Work Matters – Make sure that all trees and any other vegetation is not to close to the home a good rule of thumb is no closer than 5 feet from the home to reduce the risk of pests and other problems.
  4. Check Vents – Make sure your foundation vents are secure and providing correct ventilation because if your home is to damp or wet this will invite pests into your home especially termites!
  5. Keep Firewood Far – Make sure your store firewood and other debris not against your home as this will draw in pest species to your home. It’s a good idea to have it at least 25 feet from the home and if possible lifted 4 inches off the ground.
  6. Annual Check-ups – If you want to be protected the best you can be from pests each year you should call a licensed professional like B&B Pest Control today! Have them come out each year to your property and check problem areas to make sure you and your business won’t have to deal with pest problems anytime soon.

Remember it is important that if you find a pest infestation on your property whether it’s your home, or business you must deal with it quickly with a licensed professional before it becomes too much. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pests in the great Boston area contact B&B Pest Control today! See why for over 30 years so many in the greater Boston area have chosen B&B when they have a pest problem for their home, or business. Contact us today and find out the B&B difference for yourself!