These days, homeowners and the pest control industry aim to prevent termite infestations as opposed to treating infestations as they occur. When it comes to subterranean termite prevention, termiticide barriers around houses have become the standard for several years. Termiticide barriers are preferred by homeowners and pest controllers alike due to the small amount of insecticide required to apply an effective termite barrier around a property, and the long timeframe in which one single application lasts make barriers ideal for middle class homeowners living on regular-sized residential properties. Many homes are treated with a termiticide barrier before and after they are built, while other homes are treated with termiticides only after being built.

The pre-construction application of termiticide barriers prevents termites from entering homes through small cracks in the foundation located beneath the ground, as well as through cracks in basement flooring and concrete slabs. Before the construction of a home’s timber-frame occurs, a hole is dug into the ground where the foundation and concrete slab with be located. Before the concrete is poured, termiticide is applied to the soil, and ideally, all visible sources of wood should be removed. These wood sources include dead roots, tree stumps and loose sticks and twigs, and removing this wood will prevent the attraction of termites. Housing and construction codes in many states require pre-construction application of soil termiticides in new homes. However, home builders in the past did not make a point to remove wood debris below home foundations, so homes built decades ago are more at risk of sustaining termite infestations than newer homes. After a home is built, another termiticide barrier is applied beneath the soil surrounding a home’s foundation. The termiticide barrier often extends a foot or more below the ground, and any home, no matter when it was built, can be treated for termites in both ways mentioned in this article.

Do you believe that a termiticide barrier was applied beneath the foundation in your home?