Bed bug infestation rates are particularly high in Massachusetts metropolitan areas, especially Boston. Not only is the state densely populated, which allows bed bugs to make frequent contact with a large number of people, but Boston is also a major tourist destination. Logan International Airport sees massive amounts of travelers, including Boston residents who fly for business purposes. Unsurprisingly, Logan airport has become notorious for being a bed bug hotspot. It is also not surprising that many of the hotels located around Logan airport have been found to contain bed bugs on a vast number of occasions. Unfortunately, Boston hotels have developed a reputation for these infestations. Since bed bugs rely on their ability to attach themselves to clothing in order to spread to new locations, it is no wonder why bed bug infestations are common in urban and suburban areas of Massachusetts. Although the chances of experiencing a bed bug infestation within your home can be reduced substantially by avoiding used furniture and clothing as well as public seating areas, you do not necessarily have to make contact with bed bugs for an infestation to emerge within your home.

Many people are unaware that bed bug infestations can occur when the bloodsucking insects crawl along pipes and wiring that lead into homes. Obviously, infestations that begin in this manner are particularly common within apartment buildings where bed bugs are well documented as being able to access neighboring units with ease. During the daytime, bed bugs hide within wall cracks, which exposes the insects to connecting pipes, cables and wiring. If bed bugs happen to be present on the floor of another person’s house, a public building or a business, simply placing a purse onto the ground for a moment is sufficient for the insects to become attached to the item, which will almost certainly bring the insects into a home. It would also be wise to check all public seats for bed bugs before sitting down, even if the seat is free of fabric.

Have you ever found bed bugs within another person’s home?