Everyone went crazy over the viral video of the rat dragging a piece of pizza down a flight of stairs in New York City. Even after we all found out it was a trained rat doing the work, we still all fell in love with the “Pizza Rat.” However, it looks like Pizza Rat isn’t the only rodent making waves on the Internet these days. A number of viral videos and photos involving crazy rats have been surfacing on social media recently.

Those rats in New York certainly seem to love the limelight. It looks like Pizza Rat may have recently been outdone by another little rodent roaming the busy streets of the city. One man came across one rat that was clearly drinking his sorrows away because he’s unlucky in love. Appropriately discovered on Valentine’s Day this year, a man saw a rat laying passed out next to an empty bottle of Hennessy he looks to be holding onto like its his teddy bear. SNY Anchor Chris Williamson is the man that stumbled across this interesting sight in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, and decided to post the picture on Twitter. Thousands of reactions and possible backstories of the lovesick rodent have been popping up in response to the post on social media. My guess is the little guy was just dumped the night before and we’re seeing his morning after.

Another rat encounter that went viral was recorded Victoria, British Columbia of all places, where, oddly enough, due to strict rat control procedures that were enacted by the Canadian government, there are almost no rats in the entire province. This little guy must be one of the stowaways they find every once in a while, that manage to make it in by hiding in a truck or some other vehicle. He must have wanted to experience all the fun people have in the snow up there because the video that went viral involved this rat decided to join in on the action when after a huge snowfall people were sledding, skiing, and snowboarding on the snow-covered streets. One particular hilly street became a popular spot for sledding…and not just for the humans. Cole Salsman captured the video on his GoPro while he was sledding down this same popular hill. When he first saw the figure of the rat, Salsman thought it was just a piece of his sled that had broken off. However, once the rat jumped into his lap, he realized this was no piece of plastic he was dealing with. The rat then jumped off him and back onto the hill, where he ran around another sled and flew into Salsman’s path once again. Thankfully, the rat was very fast and managed to avoid getting hit by Salsman’s sled again. Where this sled hopping rat is now, no one knows. But he will live on forever in the world of social media.

What crazy things have you seen rats or other rodents do?