Many fully grown adults worked at fast food joints during their teen years, and most of these adults can remember how incredibly filthy a fast food kitchen becomes after a busy day. Considering the mess of food that quickly takes form in fast food kitchens during the busy hours, it is not out of the ordinary to spot an odd cockroach or two skittering around the kitchen floor on occasion. When one or more insects are discovered within such locations, employees often make an attempt to kill the insect/s, and if they don’t, the kitchen manager certainly will. However, at a Portillo’s restaurant in Chicago, an employee, Antwoine Johnson, was ordered by his boss to simply sweep over cockroaches that had been found within the kitchen. Johnson did not have to make any effort to kill the roaches, and while the manager may seem less than responsible for brushing off the roach presence, it must first be understood that the roaches found numbered into the double digits, making their eradication a difficult undertaking for both Johnson and his boss. But this is not the worst part, as the restaurant is, apparently, a cockroach haven at all times. Not long ago, Johnson was fired from his position at the eatery, and he believes his termination was unjust. In response to his termination, an angry Johnson satisfied his thirst for revenge by posting video footage to social media that showed massive amounts of cockroaches skittering around the restaurant’s kitchen.

While Johnson worked at Portillo’s in Chicago, he was astonished at the noticeably high cockroach population within the kitchen. But he was even more astonished when his boss told him not to worry about the insects. Of course, the manager did not need the issue brought to his attention, as the roach intruders could be seen virtually 24/7, and the infestation had become tolerated by staff. After becoming angry over his dismissal, Johnson figured he would post the plethora of roach footage that he captured during his employment onto social media websites. Johnson also described the infestation to investigative journalists with WGN Presents. The damning roach footage was later aired on a WGN news hour.

Do you think that the manager in this case should be fired for putting the health of the eatery’s clientele in jeopardy by allowing roaches to roam free in the kitchen?