Every once in awhile store-bought food is found contaminated with insects. Although nobody wants to find insects within their pre-packaged food, the Food and Drug Administration officially forgives small amounts of insects and insect parts that make it into food items during processing. However, when insects are found within food served at schools attended by young children, this occasional issue becomes more controversial than usual. In these cases, parents often become concerned with the safety of the food being served to their children. For example, a recent issue with insect-contaminated food at a trade-school attended by minors has prompted the administration to send a letter to all the parents of the attending children notifying them of the finding. Unfortunately for the school officials, the aggravated parents may not be so forgiving over this instance of insect-contaminated school-food.

While details concerning this particular incident are sketchy, it has come to the attention of the Health Department and parents that insects were found within food that was allegedly going to be served to minors attending McCann Technical School in North Adams, Massachusetts. This issue became public after a picture showing the insects within a rice-bin at the school went viral. Not surprisingly, this photo prompted many of the students’ parents to call the school with complaints over the insects that were clearly shown crawling around within the rice. As a result of these many complaints, the local health department carried out a mandatory inspection of the school’s food. After the inspection, officials with the department claimed that the rice was handled properly, but it is not known for sure how the rice came to be contaminated with insects. Apparently, the rice was not going to be served in the cafeteria; rather the food was prepared by students in a culinary class. Despite the claims made by health department officials, parents remain suspicious of the food being served to their children at the trade school.

If you were one of the parents would you want your child to avoid eating the school’s food in response to the insect finding?