New York City is a cultured metropolis where many of the world’s most prominent business-people, dignitaries and celebrities call home. The city is also a cockroach paradise where roaches roam the streets freely and without fear as they scavenge for human food waste. New York roaches can be just as brash as many of the city’s residents. The big city cockroaches move about among the human population with confidence, as though a communal living arrangement exists between humans and cockroaches in New York City. The roach population in the city is so enormous, that individual cockroaches do not feel as threatened by potential harm from predators or humans as much as shyer cockroaches that are located within less densely roach-populated regions of the world do. Although the idea of moving to the Big Apple in order to find fame and fortune or to enact positive changes in the world may sound appealing to young people, it may be wise to rethink New York City as a dream destination considering the massive cockroach population that is ever present in the city. The glitz, glory and glamour of New York City is undermined by its massive roach population.  That being said, even those people who fear cockroaches more than most people would eventually think nothing of them after living for a few months in New York City. For seasoned New Yorkers, a cockroach presence, even a massive one, is nothing to panic about.


Every year New York City sees an influx of recent high school graduates that plan on attending college or university within the city. Many of these young adults are not prepared for the realities of apartment-living in the city. Not only are the apartments excessively small and expensive, but the rent money is probably also paying for massive roach infestations that you don’t have to worry about professionally eradicating, as it is not possible. For example, one young female newcomer to New York City had experienced a traumatic experience with an overwhelming amount of cockroaches within her apartment. The young woman claims that massive number of cockroaches suddenly appeared in her apartment. She described the horrific sight, which made her think that her wallpaper was coming alive and moving. Cockroaches were found in her cat’s food bowl and bag, and several were visibly pregnant. After her vacuum became clogged with cockroach carcasses, she decided to give up and pay a large fee to break the lease and move.


Have you ever moved into an apartment unit only to learn that it had been infested with insects?


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