Bed bug infestations have been increasing in public schools, and the the Superintendent of Camelot Intermediate School in Brookings, North Dakota knows this well, as he has had bed bugs professionally eradicated from the school more than once before. Due to all of the past problems concerning bed bugs within the school, superintendent Klint Willert is always prepared for another infestation of the blood-sucking insects. However, Willert never expected a cockroach infestation to be discovered within the school, but last week, numerous roaches were found within a student’s locker.

Luckily, the cockroaches were eradicated before any migrated into the cafeteria and/or kitchen. Willert believes that the cockroaches did not migrate into the school on their own, but were rather brought in unintentionally. For now, Superintendent Willert is assuming that the roaches were not a part of some prank, but the question of how the cockroaches accessed the school, not to mention the locker, remains unanswered. Each of the school’s 550 students were sent home with a letter to their parents that described the cockroach situation. Willert claimed to have dealt with both bed bugs and lice within the school in the past, but he has never dealt with a cockroach infestation within the school before, and he never expected to either.

Willert is taking the infestation within the school’s locker seriously, as an insect infestation is treated as a serious public health matter. In the letter sent home to parents, Willert stressed the importance of notifying the school of any pest infestations within a student’s home, as Willert has had past personal experience with students who brought bed bugs into the school. In other related news, a school in Dekalb County, Georgia was found by government inspectors to be infested with cockroaches. The roaches were found within the school cafeteria’s kitchen, which resulted in the school failing the mandatory health inspection.

Did you ever find an insect within your school lunch before?