It seems like there has been an abundance of news stories in the media lately concerning cockroaches becoming lodged within human body cavities. One would think that such an unfortunate medical issue would only occur very rarely, but now it seems that even rich celebrities cannot avoid rude cockroaches invading their ear canals. Joe Swash is a famous television presenter and former actor who currently hosts the popular reality TV show entitled I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp. Americans may be more familiar with the show’s previous title, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Swash recently posted pictures and a video of himself having a roach pulled out of his ear. These Instagram photos are accompanied by descriptions that detail the procedures he had undergone in order to have the roach removed. Apparently, Swash’s first visit to the ER did not end on a satisfying note, as the roach was lodged too deep within his ear canal to be removed by ER doctors. Due to this complication, Swash had to wait another two days before a specialist could remove the roach.

Swash believes that the cockroach entered his ear while shooting an episode of his show in the Australian outback. Shortly before his first visit to the hospital, Swash tweeted that he was able to literally smell the cockroach that had been inhabiting his ear canal. As you can imagine, Swash was unhappy to learn that a specialist and specialized tools were required to remove the cockroach from his ear, as the insect was too deep to be retrieved by the ER doctors that were on hand during his first visit. Two days later, Swash returned to the hospital to meet with the specialist, and this time he recorded the procedure. The specialist inserted a tiny camera into Swash’s ear so that he could view the insect invader before its removal. The specialist stuck a syringe into Swash’s ear in order to wash the roach out of place while also attempting to grab it with specialized tweezers. Luckily for Swash, the roach was removed safely.

Would you be willing to tolerate the unpleasantness of having a cockroach stuck in your ear canal if you were paid millions of dollars to host a reality TV show that takes place within harsh environments?