Spiders are literally everywhere around you. There’s probably a dozen different spider species inhabiting your home right now, and a few have likely found a comfy nook within your bedroom to hold up for the winter. It may be hard to believe that so many spiders surround you at all times, but there exists over 40,000 documented spider species in the world today, which is more than enough to consume every human on the planet within one year. However, you may not find all of this so hard to believe if you were to see the horrific spider web that is currently covering a large portion of Highway 230 in Arkansas. This massive web is currently pulsating with life and it is about to erupt with millions of spiders.

A day ago an Arkansas resident, Zach Riggs, was driving along highway 230 near Bono city in Craighead County when he spotted what looked like an enormous white carpet covering the road in front of him. Upon closer inspection, little spiders could be seen skittering across the “carpet.” Riggs became shocked once he realized what, exactly, he was looking at. The white material that is covering most of the road as well as nearby construction equipment and road signs is spider silk. Riggs took out his phone and proceeded to record footage of the massive web and the spiders traversing along the top of it. So far, this footage has been viewed more than 10,000 times on Facebook.

The spiders that created the web are believed to be Tetragnatha spiders. Hundreds of different Tetragnatha spider species can be found all over the world, and they are not uncommon within the United States. Experts claim that Tetragnatha spiders construct these webs before mating, but they rarely become this huge. Massive webs are formed by certain spiders when the air is particularly humid and this makes sense considering that Bono city has been hit with several storms recently. The spiders below the web are constantly mating, but will soon die. In a few days, tens of millions of baby spiders and their aging parents will emerge from this massive web. So if you live near Bono city in Arkansas, stay off of the roads for the next few days.

Would you like to witness the spectacle of spiders emerging from beneath this massive web?