Wind scorpions are interesting looking creatures, and they are not well known to many westerners despite the fact that many wind scorpion species dwell in North America and Europe. In fact, wind scorpions are quite numerous, as they exist on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Wind scorpions are also off-putting, especially to arachnophobes, but luckily, the largest and least shy wind scorpion species dwell within arid middle eastern deserts. Wind scorpions are arthropods that belong to the Solifugae order in the class Arachnida, and over 1,000 different wind scorpion species have been documented. However, wind scorpions are neither true scorpions nor are they true spiders; instead they make up a distinct group of arthropods. Wind scorpions are notable for being the subject of many wild myths that have been circulating for centuries. While experts will tell you that wind scorpions are harmless to humans and most mammals, one family firmly believes that a wind scorpion killed their dog after it was accidentally transported to the United Kingdom from Afghanistan within a soldier’s rucksack.

Wind scorpions are known to feed on small mammals, such as rodents, and while that may be terrifying, wind scorpions have never been known for hunting and killing any animal larger than the smallest of rodents. Despite this, a 2008 CNN news article described a British soldier who inadvertently transported a wind scorpion to his home from the desert of Afghanistan. Also, it was reported that the wind scorpion attacked and killed their dog. Lorraine Griffiths and her three kids moved out of their home and refused to return until her husband, Rodney, figured out how to remove the wind scorpion from their home. Griffiths claimed that the wind scorpion first appeared when it crawled across her son’s hand as he was searching for his underwear beneath his dresser. The creature was then confronted by the family dog, but the dog quickly retreated and whimpered after a brief encounter with the wind scorpion. Soon afterwards, the dog sadly died. The family identified the wind scorpion online and they insist that the creature is responsible for their dog’s death.

Have you ever heard any tall tales concerning any spider or insect species?