Bed bugs have struck America’s libraries yet again as one library in Cambridge, Massachusetts was forced to close after the insects were found within the building. Just two weeks earlier, bed bugs were discovered within a library in Shawnee, Kansas, but luckily a thorough bed bug eradication effort cleared the library of all bed bugs and now the library will be reopening this week. Officials with the American Library Association claimed that bed bug infestations in America’s libraries are increasing steadily.

The Dorchester County Library in Cambridge will be closed for a total of four days as the result of a bed bug infestation. Typically, libraries reopen just a day or two after bed bug infestations are found, but the Dorchester County Library is being forced to remain closed for longer as pest control professionals are in short supply in the area. Luckily for those who need to return their books, late fees will be waived for one week. Also, books, CDs, DVDs and other items that are currently on hold in the library will continue to be on hold for an additional week in order to allow pest control professionals to thoroughly inspect each item for bed bugs.

The Shawnee Library closed late last month after bed bugs were found within the pages of a book. Later that same day, library employees discovered that bed bugs had spread to the library’s furniture. However, the library has recently reopened following what may very well be the most thorough bed bug eradication operation to ever occur within a library. Initially, every corner of the library was cleaned while pest control professionals waited for “specialty equipment” to arrive. Several different methods of eradication were employed including “sealing,” “baking,” and removing infested materials. A tent was used for heating large objects like book shelves and furnishings. Pest control professionals personally inspected more than 12,000 items within the library. As a precaution other branches of the library were also inspected for bed bugs.