There seems to be many cockroach invasions plaguing neighborhoods these days. Last summer, cockroaches invaded a neighborhood in the town of Alliance, Ohio. A few months before this roach infestation, the Spanish minister of health issued a warning to the public concerning cockroach invasions that were expected to overtake much of the country, and that is certainly what happened. One particular neighborhood in Spain that contained vacation homes inhabited by British tourists became overrun with cockroaches. Now, residents of one neighborhood in Granite City, Illinois are experiencing a very similar problem. At the moment, there is likely more than one resident of Granite City chasing down cockroaches with a can of Raid, as one roach infested home has led to many roach infested homes in the area.

According to Jerry King, a resident of the Granite City neighborhood that is currently under assault from cockroaches, all of the roaches originate from one particular home located near his own. King claims that every time he leaves his home, he is bombarded with hundreds of cockroaches. Eventually King attempted to avoid the cockroaches at his front door by only using his back door. Unfortunately for King, the roach presence at his back door was much worse.

King claimed that a nearby home in his neighborhood was occupied with tenants around a month ago, but now they have moved out, and apparently, so have the cockroaches that were infesting the home. Once the tenants moved out, the cockroaches that had been infesting the home began looking for food and water elsewhere, as the water is shut off in the home and the former inhabitants were no longer providing their live-in cockroaches with food-waste. Due to the neighborhood-wide cockroach infestation, King and some other residents are considering moving out themselves. However, after King complained to city leaders about the roach issue in his neighborhood, they told King that a professional pest control operator would be called to the property. In fact, the city leaders even claimed that the home may be demolished, but for King and several other residents, the demolition needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Do you think that the former tenants of the roach-infested home deliberately kept cockroaches considering the scale of the infestation?