These days, many people are not at all shy about filing lawsuits. A surprising amount of lawsuits are filed that involve insect attacks and infestations. For example, many homeowners file lawsuits over termite infestations, as it is not uncommon for sellers to hide termite infestations from prospective buyers. Bed bug activity has also prompted many lawsuits in recent years. Since bed bug populations are only getting bigger with time, more and more hotels, motels, libraries, and even schools are being slapped with lawsuits filed by people claiming to have sustained bites within such locations. Of course, stinging insects, such as bees, wasps and hornets, also attack people while they are inhabiting public or private property. Sustaining a wasp sting while at a theme park could be grounds for a lawsuit in today’s world. The most recent lawsuit to be filed over a wasp attack alleges that a female golfer almost died as a result of being attacked by a swarm of wasps while at a popular golf club.


In July of 2013, Carolyn Staats, was taking golf lessons while at Vintner’s Golf Club in Napa Valley, California. The day had been going well for Staats, but once she began to tee up at the fifth hole, a swarm of yellow jackets darted toward Staats. Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that can sting repeatedly, and their yellow and black-striped appearance leads many to mistakenly assume that they are bees.


Within a short window of time, Staats had sustained more than 50 stings, more than enough to kill a human being. However, Staats got lucky, or very unlucky depending on your interpretation, as she managed to survive the attack. According to the paramedic who arrived at the scene, Staats was fifteen seconds away from succumbing to her wounds. This was recounted by the paramedic within the lawsuit, which probably does not help the club owners defense strategy. Staats is now allergic to venom, and she must carry an Epipen with her everywhere she goes. Initially, her case was thrown out by a judge, but she appealed the case and now it looks as though a new judge may decide in her favor.


Have you ever been stung by an insect while visiting a golf course?