Bee stings are nothing to joke around about, as every year several people die as a result of bee attacks. Many people have suffered a sting or two in the past, but if you happen to have allergies to bee stings, then one sting is all it could take to end your life. Luckily, fatal bee attacks are quite rare, which is a good thing, as experts estimate that at least five percent of the population would suffer serious medical consequences from sustaining a bee sting. Two out of every one thousand people would go into anaphylactic shock after sustaining a bee sting. Sadly, a toddler was stung eighteen times recently while playing outdoors among a large group of people. Happily, the boy survived, but his recovery was a difficult fight for survival.

A few days ago, a swarm of hundreds of bees were unleased into a public place. The bee swarm was not released deliberately; instead the bees swarmed as a result of two men who failed to properly remove a beehive from a nearby yard. The attack occurred at the Village Hall in Berkshire, England. The hall had a note posted on the entrance that warned the public about the bee presence. Apparently, the note read: “A hive broke open…we are very sorry you got stung.”

According to experts who analyzed the conditions in which the attack occurred, the bees were instinctively defending their territory from a predator attack. According to one woman who was among the several people who had been in the group that were bombarded with bee swarms, the bees made a beeline for the cluster of people who had gathered in the park. Apparently, if you were anywhere near the vicinity, then you were most certainly stung. One elderly man had sustained eight bee stings to his face. Another resident, Karen Todd, claimed that her, her husband, and her three year old son had all sustained bee stings. Sadly, her child sustained the most stings out of the three with eighteen stings counted on his body.

Have you ever run in terror form a bee swarm?