These days, it seems that people just have to suck it up and accept the fact that finding bed bug infestations is now a natural part of life. Hopefully most of us can avoid bed bugs during our lifetimes, but these tremendously unpopular blood-sucking insects only seem to be increasing in population size. Although bed bugs are now an unfortunate part of life that our grandparents never had to deal with, there are still some areas that should always be free of bed bug activity. For example, anyplace that is supposed to be kept sanitary, such as restaurants and hotel rooms, should undergo more bed bug checks in order to spare unwitting consumers the terror of a bed bug infestation. Sadly, since hotels see numerous guests from all corners of the world regularly, we can no longer expect hotels to be free of bed bugs. You would think that the areas that are supposed to be kept completely sterilized would never see a single bed bug, or any insect species. However, even this reasonable expectation may be asking for too much, as one woman recently found bed bugs crawling on her and her seat in a hospital waiting room.


Last week a woman, Julia Hermann, was sitting in the Mount Carmel West Hospital waiting for her friend to be released from surgery. While Hermann was sitting in the waiting room chairs, she felt an itch. After scratching her itch she quickly noticed small welts that looked like insect bites. Moments later, Hermann noticed that bed bugs were crawling all over the chair that she had been sitting in.


Hermann claimed that she had immediately noticed five to seven bite marks on her arm before notifying staff of the bed bug activity. A week has passed now, and Hermann is still receiving medical treatments for the bed bug attack. Hermann now feels a desire to share her experience with other people in order to help them avoid a similar situation. Hermann believes that bed bugs may be more numerous in hospitals than many people realize, and this is what she wants to address to the public.


If you found a bed bug crawling on you, and later learned that you had contracted them from a hospital waiting room, would you feel as though the infestation could not have been prevented? Or would you waste no time pursuing a lawsuit?