Finding insects in one’s home is a common occurrence. Finding a few bugs within your home does not constitute a full blown infestation, but inspections are always recommended upon finding bugs within your home just in case an infestation should eventually form. This year is already seeing a boom in the amount of calls to pest control professionals concerning insect infestations. The most common insect disturbances reported by the pubic include mosquitoes, cockroaches, wasps, spiders and scorpions. If you are one of the many Americans who have been encountering too many bugs within your home lately, then you are not the only one, and you can blame the heat for your insect troubles.


Obviously, the summer season brings with it an abundance of insect life, so it is normal to find them within your home. This year is different from previous years in that insect disturbances are occuring earlier than normal. For example, one resident of Austin, Texas claimed that she found a giant tree roach within her home. Carlisle has been living within her current home for fifteen years, and during that entire time, she has never found an insect within her home. However, the month of June is only half over, and she has already found an unpleasant insect in her daughter’s dresser drawer, which indicates that she has already acquired an insect pest presence in her home. According to one seasoned pest control operator in Austin, the insect presence hit people early this year, but the amount of insects in the wild should not be significantly higher than normal, unless, of course, it rains. Rainfall may mean the difference between a regular summer or a summer of stressful insect encounters. Initially, a dry spell will cause insects to gravitate toward people’s homes, but if a drought is prolonged, many insects will die in route to urbanized areas.


Would you be willing to move to a region with your ideal climate even if it meant tolerating the occasional insect encounter within your home?