Insects are a diverse group of animals. Some insects, such as bees, remind us of sweet-tasting honey and freshly pollinated flowers. Other insects, such as butterflies amaze humans with their natural picturesque beauty, and delicate movements. However, there are other types of insects, like cockroaches, that are not making anyone weep over their inherent beauty. Insect pests do not even account for one percent of the entire insect community. Nevertheless, it sometimes seems like the only insects in this world are the ones that are pests to humans. This sentiment is understandable given the vast amounts of money that both public and private entities have to pay in order to control or eradicate insect pests each year. For example, termite structural damages cost five billion dollars per year, and this in only in America. Of course, most of you have probably never even seen a termite before, and it is easy to assume that you will never be unlucky enough to contract a termite infestation in your home, but just about everybody has discovered roaches within their home before. No matter how you cut it, insects have a tremendous effect on human life. The influence that insects have over humanity and all of life on earth is both positive and negative. Pollination allows us to eat agriculturally produced food, but insects can also spread deadly diseases and destroy people’s homes. Of course, insects can be demanding on our pocketbooks, and this is certainly the case when it comes to insect-induced vehicle damage.


Throughout your life you have probably noticed the numerous mutilited insect corpses that are often spread all over our cars. Insects excrete a corrosive substance from their bodies after they die. This corrosive substance is produced by insects in order to break down their corpses after death. Unfortunately, this substance is also corrosive to the paint on our vehicles. Failing to remove splattered insect corpses from your vehicle’s exterior can result in cosmetic damages, as the corrosive substance easily penetrates a vehicle’s paint job. Cleaning the insect corpses off of your vehicle is especially important right before winter.


Has your car or truck ever sustained cosmetic damages as a result of insect decomposition?