Public concern about rodents, particularly rats, has escalated steadily in recent years.  Longstanding efforts to combat rodent infestation, overseen by the City’s Inspectional Services Department, has had a modicum of success.  The Department’s resources and manpower, however, have been insufficient to implement a large scale approach to rodent control.

Accordingly, the City recently has contracted with private vendors to institute concentrated efforts at rodent control based on data compiled by the city’s Constituent Services Department.

These contractors will fan out to designated areas of the City and begin their assessment of the city’s rat problem.  This is a mandatory first step to a comprehensive plan.

For the next few weeks. Four exterminators (B&B Pest Control, Catseye Pest Control, Eco Systems Pest Control Inc., and MD Waver Corporation) are fanning out across different neighborhoods to contact property owners and managers, and ask for them to sign a waiver allowing them access to the property, and ability to exterminate rats in their burrows.

Access a Waiver Form Here

This is a one-time only free program the city is offering property owners in neighborhoods with high rat concentrations, designed to reduce the rat population in Revere.

No one will enter or exterminate on a property, without a signed waiver from a property owner or manager.

How You Can Help

Your help in this program is critical. Here’s what you can do to help.

  • Only if you think you have a rat burrow on your property, and if you’re the owner or property manager, sign a waiver, email a completed waiver (scan or photo) to You can also drop off your form at the front desk at City Hall, or hand a signed form over to an exterminator if there is one in your neighborhood.
  • If you think you have a rat burrow on your property, and you are a renter, contact your landlord directly and ask them to participate in this program. You can also send your landlord’s contact information to
  • You can place gravel in a rat burrow, as rats will not dig in gravel.
  • Never leave trash uncovered outside. Whether in the bin by your house, or out on the street, trash should always be in a covered bin. Trash is how rats thrive.
  • Reduce any other debris around your property.
  • If your business or building has a dumpster, all trash should always be inside the dumpster, and the exterior should remain clean.
  • Keep your lawn and vegetation cut back as much as possible. Rats love to burrow in the tall weeds, and that overgrowth makes it much more difficult to spot burrows.
  • If you see any home or business not properly storing or maintaining trash, dumpsters, or yards, report that at, or download the Revere311 app, or dial 3-1-1, so we can send an inspector by.