Cockroaches are despised all around the world for infesting people’s homes and being generally gross to look at. For some people, cockroaches are by far the most disconcerting types of insects to be around. Even if you do not suffer from a cockroach phobia, you may cringe upon hearing what the country of Spain has in store for its citizens. Believe it or not, but large-scale cockroach invasions do happen, and the people of Spain will soon learn this first hand. So if you were planning a summer trip to Spain, you may want to reconsider, unless you really love cockroaches.


This year unusually damp conditions coupled with the summer heat may bring massive cockroach populations to urban areas of Spain. The large cockroach population that will result from these climatic and environmental conditions will leave cockroaches desperate for food. This desperation will bring cockroaches to cities in Spain in search of food. The high cockroach population and its consequences are being taken seriously by government officials in Spain. For example, the National Association of Environmental Health Companies in Spain is issuing warnings to the public concerning the coming cockroach invasions. The association issued a warning saying: “a high proliferation of cockroaches bringing increased risk of contamination and disease to urban areas”. The association is concerned with the likelihood that roaches will contaminate food and drinking water. You may assume that cockroaches do not pose a serious risk of transmitting disease to humans. However, this is not the case, as public health officials in Spain are worried that the cockroach plague may cause diseases to spread among the population. Roaches can spread dysentery and they can make people ill from salmonella poisoning by defecating on food that people will eventually eat. So there is another good reason to avoid Spain this summer.


Do you believe that the Spanish Government’s reaction to the high cockroach population is warranted?