As children, we became excited when it came time to take a plane ride. However, by the time an individual reaches adulthood, the magic of air-travel has largely disappeared; instead, many adults tend to treat the process of air travel as a hassle. This is understandable, after all, how many times can a person do something before it gets old. The reality of air travel will inevitably become boring and unstimulating, especially after a few experiences with jetlag. Although most plane flights are uneventful, and even boring to some frequent travelers, a recent flight within the country of China proved to be a different type of flying experience. A few days ago, a plane carrying numerous passengers was found to be infested with cockroaches, and this occurred while the flight was in mid-air.


At the moment, Chinese authorities are not releasing much information concerning the recent mile-high roach epidemic. However, it is known that the plane in question was carrying at least one hundred roaches, all of which escaped to terrify the unsuspecting passengers. Authorities have not released the departure location for the roach infested flight, nor have they released the flight’s dates and times of departure and arrival.


After the flight landed, quarantine inspectors immediately boarded the flight in order to exterminate the roach presence, and any forms of disease-causing bacteria that they may have left behind. These inspectors took several photos of the plane’s interior. One of these photos was released to the media. This photo shows the lettering of a Chinese airline, so far this is the only information the media has concerning the recent roach infested flight. Of course, airport officials could not be reached for comment, but individuals associated with the cleanup process claimed that the Chinese airline demanded that flights be more sanitary, and obviously roach-free.


Do you think that the cockroaches infesting the flight originated from a passenger’s luggage?



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