As a child there was nothing that was more satisfying than being surprised with a snow day. Most children would be willing to accept a day-off from school without having much concern for the reasons behind their school’s closing, even if the reasons have to do with a bed bug infestation. Recently, officials working for a progressive outdoor middle school reported multiple bed bug outbreaks on the school property. Sykesville Middle School in Maryland closed their doors after dismissing students early last Thursday. According to Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Steven Johnson, two outdoor cabins that normally contain students were found to be inhabited by bed bugs. Apparently, this is not the first time that a bed bug infestation has been discovered at the school. Normally bed bug outbreaks can be contained when only one cabin becomes infested, but now that there are two infested cabins, the school is forced to hire a pest control professional in order to eradicate the bed bug presence.


The two infested cabins contained many backpacks and school supplies that belong to the students. Now that these cabins are closed for pest control services, the property will be sealed in an airtight bag and kept on the school premises until the students return. In addition to this service, the school will also be offering students free resources concerning the proper handling of bed bug infested sheets and clothing. The superintendent claims that students, parents and school staff are used to bed bug infestations at the school, as several infestations have occured on the school premises in the past. Before pest control professionals resort to heat-treatment measures, they will send in bed bug-sniffing dogs. Once the bed bug infestation is eradicated, the dogs will be sent in one last time in order to ensure that the bed bug presence no longer exists.


Did the school that you attended growing up ever experience problems with insect pests that you know of?


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