Having a bed bug infestation within your home is certainly stressful and inconvenient enough, but imagine being stuck within an enclosed space that is inhabited by massive amounts of bed bugs. The feeling of dread and horror that goes along with such a scenario can likely be described accurately by the many bed bug bite victims that have experienced this scenario within the confines of an airline cabin. You would think that flight attendants, and other employees working for a major airline would do everything possible to prevent bed bug infestations from occuring on board. However, bed bug-related issues are reported on airlines regularly. In many of these cases, the bed bug infestations had been discovered while passengers were flying several thousand miles above land, and not within range of nearby airports where an emergency landing could be made. Therefore, victims of these unfortunate circumstances can do very little to escape their bed bug-infested environment.


If you keep up with bed bug-related news stories, then you know that bed bug-infested airlines are by no means a new problem. However, the rate at which airlines locate bed bugs in planes is far higher than you would believe. Considering the commonality of bed bug-infested airplanes, the media does relatively little reporting on bed bug related issues that occur on planes. A few months ago, British Airways grounded a 787 after bed bugs and several of their eggs were found on a plane. The bed bugs and their eggs had been found due to an inspection that was prompted by mounting complaints from travellers concerning the bed bug presence on this particular aircraft. According to many travellers and staff members working for British Airways, the corporate airline giant has ignored the bed bug issue despite receiving many reports describing their presence on several flights.


During the month of September in 2017, a British Airways traveler had sustained multiple bed bug bites during a trip from Heathrow to Boston. In fact, this traveller even managed to capture one of the many bed bugs, which he promptly showed to flight staff in order to provide tangible proof that his complaints had not been unfounded. All the man got for compensation was an eighty three dollar gift voucher to be used for traveling on British Airways. Several different airlines are currently seeing employee and traveller protests concerning the lack of concern with which corporate-level executives are treating the bed bug crisis on modern airplanes.


Do you think that ignoring the bed bug problems on modern airplanes makes airline executives neglectful of their customers health?


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