Modern science has given humanity explanations for certain phenomena that past civilizations chalked up to monsters, witches, spirits or other superstitious entities. However, there still remains a plethora of basic, yet unanswered questions concerning natural phenomena. For example, scientists have yet to provide an explanation for how life started on earth. While it is true that there does exist many credible theories on this topic, no one theory is necessarily more credible than any other theory concerning the origin of life. Another question that the whole world is waiting on science to answer involves the existence of life outside of earth. Do aliens exist? Have alien civilizations thrived in the distant past? Questions that concern the origin of life on earth, and alien existence may be linked, as some scientists believe that all life on earth may have originated from insect life that originated on other planets.


Over one billion years ago, “space dust” may have carried alien insects over to earth where they eventually learned to thrive. These alien insects may have kickstarted life on planet earth. Even bugs from our own planet may have been expelled into the universe before reaching other planets. This theory may seem far fetched, but a team of respected British scientists are entertaining the possibility that life on earth began with alien insects. These scientists developed their theory on the origin of life after studying interplanetary space dust. This space dust travels at the rapid speed of seventy kilometers per second.


The scientists discovered that small bio-particles moving around at one hundred miles above earth’s surface can be knocked outside of earth’s gravitational pull by incoming space dust. This process can transport tiny organisms across the universe and onto other planets. Many forms of bacteria, plants and even micro-animals called tardigrades can survive an interplanetary trip. This process can also bring insects from other planets to earth, which is how the scientists working on the study believe life originated. Many experts believe that this space dust could be responsible for the proliferation of many types of organisms on earth as well as other planets.


Does the theory stating that all life on earth, including humans, evolved from alien insects run counter to your beliefs concerning the origin of life on earth?



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