Although there are more than seven billion people on this planet, it seems fair to say that not a single person likes cockroaches. Everyone has their own creepy-crawly cockroach story. However, no matter how gripping your own cockroach story may be, nothing can compare to the experience of having a cockroach inhabit your inner ear, which happens far more often than people would like to believe. It is also not uncommon for restaurant patrons to find cockroaches within ordered food, and cockroaches are actually a common sight in restaurant kitchens. Many of you probably cannot stomach thinking about food and cockroaches simultaneously without becoming queasy. If you happen to be one of these people, then perhaps you should quit reading now. Very well. In what may be the worst way to find a cockroach, a girl eating at a Subway restaurant pulled a cockroach from her mouth after taking a few gulps from her soft drink.


In the city of Hyderabad, Telangana in India, a man named Maruganti Vamshikrishna Reddy and his wife and daughter were out shopping one day before they decided to visit a nearby Subway restaurant. However, the family quite likely regrets their decision to order food from Subway, as the particular location that they ate at contained cockroaches. Once Reddy’s daughter removed the cockroach from her mouth, she peaked inside of her cup only to find several more cockroaches within her soft drink. The cockroaches were clearly transferred to the girl’s cup from the soda fountain. In response to this disturbing find, an understandably angry Reddy demanded that the restaurant staff address the pest problem. When Reddy was ignored, he made his way into the restaurant’s kitchen, which was when he found numerous cockroaches crawling everywhere. Reddy also noticed that the staff had been reusing old cups and lids. Reddy reported the restaurant to the proper authorities and the location will soon undergo thorough inspections in response to the alleged cockroach infestation.


Have you ever accidentally eaten a bug?


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