Here in America it may seem like we have the worst luck with insects. During 2015 and 2016 the Zika virus outbreaks had many people worried about dangerous mosquitoes. Termites continue to cause billions of dollars in damages to property, and there is also the tick problem. Ticks are technically not insects, but arachnids, and they have been infecting more and more people each year with a number of different diseases. From the American point of view it may seem like Europe does not have to deal with these dangerous bugs. However, this is not the case, as a disease carrying mosquitoes have recently been spotted in Denmark. This was an alarming discovery for everyone in Europe, and not just Denmark. This concern is due to Denmark’s northern location in Europe. Typically, Denmark is too cold for many mosquitoes to survive, but due to global warming, many mosquitoes and other insects are migrating north for the first time.


The species of mosquito known as Culex modestus has been found at four different ponds within Denmark. This species is known for spreading disease, such as the west Nile virus. This is only the second time in history that the Culex modestus mosquito species has been recorded as dwelling within the country of Denmark. Back in 2014, epidemiologists discovered these dangerous mosquitoes in a watering hole is a suburb of Copenhagen. According to René Bødker from the National Veterinary Institute, the mosquitoes are migrating to northern Europe due to climate change, and they could also be breeding in some parts of Denmark.


Luckily, the mosquito season is now ending in Denmark, and health officials have claimed that the mosquitoes pose no danger to the public. Bødker claims that in order to become infected with the West Nile virus, a C. modestus mosquito would have to bite an infected bird before immediately biting a human.


Are you worried about disease carrying mosquitoes this year?


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